Mission Statement

Interbrief.Org LLC is focused on delivering premium security, risk management and investigative consulting services to clients in a professional and efficient manner.

Providing Clients with cutting edge asset protection and customer service with tenacity for result driven solutions. LLC's responsiveness and attention to detail delivers core values of discretion and results.

"As a society we need to be more self-reliant when it comes to our safety and the protection of critical assets. With continued pressure being placed on traditional public sector resources, all stakeholders must act responsibly to protect and preserve our assets. Taking advantage of practical awareness education, utilizing enterprise risk management and implementing basic target hardening elements are all reasonable steps that should be considered when managing our Risk and Asset Protection. Public and private sector collaboration must evolve toward a set of common operating criteria that are in sync with the ultimate goals of incident prevention and effective mitigation."

Rick Santoro - ASIS Certified Protection Professional
Managing Member Interbrief.Org LLC

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